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  • Strap on your cross-trainers and help Maze Man outrun the nasty red suits in this online arcade game. Maze Man needs [...]
  • Just when he thought it was safe, Maze Man landed in a new series of puzzling maze challenges in Maze Man 2. Help him [...]
  • Lookout! The little man wants to steal your flag. Be the Maze Stopper in this online game and keep him from it for as [...]
  • Get your guy to the flag first! Build an obstacle course that lures your opponent off the track in Maze Stopper 2, an [...]


  • Become the infamous Mustache Warrior and use a bow and arrow to shoot down the hordes of evil bats! Aim your shots [...]
  • Help Panda repair his Time Machine and make it home in Panda‚Äôs Big Adventure!
    • Fast-paced [...]
  • Escape the Panic Room as quickly as you can!
    • Escape the Panic Room!
    • Escape the Panic [...]
  • Escape the petrol station!

Board Game


  • Jog (or swim) your memory! Memorize and match eighteen pairs of ocean creatures before time runs out in this fun puzzle [...]
  • Help some lonely hearts find a match and bring romance into their lives, in the exciting Hidden Object game, [...]
  • Solve a brain teasing matryoshka puzzle and escape!
  • Spot the differences as quickly as you can in Maverie the Mad Scientist, a fun and exciting Puzzle game! Can you [...]


  • Become a Matchmaker!
    • Become a Matchmaker!
    • Become a Matchmaker!
    • Become a [...]
  • Help Max Strong!
  • Discover the Medieval Secret!
  • Play the role of an outcast magician determined to prove herself worthy in Miracles. Make wishes come true and bring [...]


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